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More Salem Stuff - Help Spread the Word!!!

As reviews continue to trickle in, what I'm most curious about isn't the response of critics and bloggers like myself, but rather what the gen pop feels about it. So I'm issuing the challenge - a plea for attention, really - to you, faithful readers of Committed and my fellow inmates, to let me know what you think about The Asylum's latest release, A Haunting in Salem. Once you've seen the movie, head on over to the film's IMDB page and rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 at the top of the page, then scroll down a little and on the right hand side, like the page, Facebook-style, and share the page on your Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages (if you still use MySpace). If you're feeling especially bold, you can leave a user review down at the bottom. 

If you haven't gotten you hands on the DVD yet, you can always watch it over at Amazon Instant Video for the ridiculously reasonable price of $14.99, and you can also leave a customer review, as you can over at the film's regular Amazon page. And if you have Time Warner Cable, you can also queue up the movie that way, as well as leave a rating.

Whew, that's a lot of self-promotion for one post, but there's a scary movie out there with your name on it, and nice or not, I want to hear what you think of it. 


  1. Got my Blu-ray copy today! Now if I only had a 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player....

    I guess I'll have to settle with plain, old 2-D. Look for my sight-unseen commentary soon on my website!

  2. Holy mackerel, that was a great movie! I just finished watching it (and recording my sight-unseen commentary), and I can't say enough! It had a familiarly creepy setup (and that's a really nice house, BTW), and the production itself was terrific. Wayne could have been acting a little crazier, for my taste, and also I would have liked to have seen ghosts of woolly mammoths (it's in the commentary), but, wow, there were great moments in there. I'm not a ghost horror movie guy, but I really enjoyed this more than just about any other Asylum or Corman picture. Great work, Perry, and kudos to Shane and the crew!

    I've uploaded my commentary. It will post officially just after midnight on Monday.


  3. Ok I wanted to drop a note somewhere about asylum. I got this 3d-blu-ray. since I just bought a 3dtv blu-ray and horror films in 3d blu ray are a bit scarce. The disk is 3d all the way. I saw a ton of film previews from asylum all in 3d, but when I looked for them I see only regular dvd's on the site.Is haunting their only 3d-bluy-ray disk because after I saw these other films i wouls love to buy blu-ray 3d versions but 3d on regular tv's never work well, like 3dtv does.

  4. to date the only other Asylum 3D productions were Sex Pot and Haunting of Winchester House, both from 2009.

  5. Woohoo! Amazon pre-order price guarantee just refunded me $13.46 because of the price drop!