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inmate profile: Taryn Manning

Continuing to spotlight the cast and crew of The Asylum's next release, Zombie Apocalypse, premiering THIS SATURDAY NIGHT ON SYFY @ 9PM, we turn now to the lovely and talented Taryn Manning.

Hailing from the painted terrain of Tuscon, Arizona, Ms. Manning quickly took to the screen, landing her first role at only 16 in the star-launching Nickelodeon series "All That." But it was her turn in 2001's Kirsten-Dunst vehicle Crazy/Beautiful - in which Ms. Manning was first able to showcase her saucy/sultry/sassy side - that the world really took note. 

From there she went on to appear in a spate of films, including the Britney-Spears-starring Crossroads, 8 Mile with Eminem, White Oleander, Cold Mountain, Hustle & Flow, The Breed, and most recently, multiple-episode arcs of television shows "Sons of Anarchy" (one of my favorite programs) and "Hawaii Five-0." 

In addition to her accomplishments on screen, Ms. Manning is also a singer-songwriter - both with her borther Kellin in Boomkat and on her own as a solo artist - and a fashion designer - she co-owns a label called Born Uniqorn, which she also designs for. She was also the cover girl for this year's Playboy Sex & Music issue back in April. Busy lady.

In Zombie Apocalypse, she plays "Ramona," another of the survivors fighting their way across an undead-plagued Los Angeles towards a supposed-sanctuary on Catalina Island. Find out if she brings her usual moxie to the role THIS SATURDAY NIGHT @ 9PM ON SYFY when Zombie Apocalypse makes its world premiere.

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