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Nice Review of A Haunting of Salem

I understood going into this that typical reviews of Asylum films can be a little...vicious. Hell, that's part of the reason I started this blog: to give Asylum films a place where their virtues could be extolled. 

Since the release last Tuesday of A Haunting in Salem, a film I wrote for The Asylum, already on Twitter I've been told to "fuck off," "fuck off and die," and "never pick up another fucking pen ever," all of which I expected, and all of which I wear like a badge of vitriolic honor. 

What does come as a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, is when folks have nice things to say about the film. Hence I give you this, a very nice review written by Trevor Anderson over at Movie Mavericks, in which not only does Mr. Anderson refrain from wishing a foul demise upon me and my story, he actually sees the good in this beautiful, atmospheric, classical film Shane Van Dyke and crew brought to life. Apparently Mr. Anderson is one of the good guys. 

Enjoy the incredibly erudite and on-target review, and then, if you haven't seen the film yet, get to your local video store, Netflix queue, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon to procure your copy. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray, in 3D if you got the hardware.


  1. Back when I used to write articles for DVD Snapshot (some of which I would consider a bit controversial), I would constantly be asking my editor if there had been any hate mail sent in my direction that he wasn't sending along to me, cause the way I look at it - you're not somebody until you have your fair share of haters. If you've made such an emotional impact on someone that they have to spew shit like that - well, not everyone gets to leave such a lasting and concrete emotional impact on people and when that happens, then you KNOW you've made it big :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Just so everyone is aware I've giving bad reviews to Asylum pictures before. I watch a lot of crap, it's pretty much what gets put out every week in video stores nationwide (I put it out daily, but haven't been successful in getting others to want to watch it). It's nice to catch something that doesn't try to be more than it is. Also to those saying you should never pick up another pen ever again, they're missing out by not being able to see past their Hollywood expectations (I always picture those people crying and beating the DVD rental box against their head incessantly while typing those comments. Try it, it's fun!). As Jeffrey said everyone gets hate (even I have experience there), especially with the anonymity provided online. Horrid movies are out there, and people should voice an honest opinion about them, just as we should if we liked it, even if it says The Asylum on the back cover (although it does make for an easy target).

  3. Can't agree more with Trevor. Indeed, there are bad movies from The Asylum (ALIEN VS. HUNTER, UNIVERSAL SOLDIERS, THE DA VINCI TREASURE came into my head right now...), but they did some very cool movies too. And in my opinion, they're going better and better. 2010 was a great year for The Asylum, the company released some of the coolest straight to video flicks i watched in years of appreciation for them.

  4. Hey, dude! I just posted a review of A Haunting In Salem over at as well as at and thought I would let you know. Really enjoyed the movie! Nice job, brother.

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