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inmate profile: Heather Hemmens

Continuing Committed's spotlight on the creative talent behind The Asylum's next release, 3 Musketeers - on DVD October 25, 2011 - we turn now to another of the titular heroes, D'Artagnan, as portrayed by the lovely and talented Heather Hemmens.

Heather Hemmens was one of those kids born with stars in their eyes, so much so that upon graduation from high school, she hopped on a California-bound bus and set out for L.A., like so many other small-town girls before her. The difference? Ms. Hemmens has mad skills to back up that bold ambition, and almost immediately she began landing small roles in film and television - Dukes of Hazzard, Glory Road, a couple of the "CSIs" - before landing her first regular gig in 2009 on the CW's cheerleading soap opera "Hellcats," on which she played "Alice Verdura" for 21 episodes.

I've actually seen an episode or three of "Hellcats" - no reason - so can personally attest to Ms. Hemmens on-screen presence, which is a combination of beauty, spark and intelligence, a fiesty, fiery personality, the kind you don't give shit to cuz you know she won't take it. In other words, a badass, making her the perfect choice for a musketeer. 

See for yourself Ms. Hemmens commanding personality when 3 Musketeers - directed by Cole S. McKay from a script by Edward DeRuiter - drops on DVD October 25th.

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