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inmate profile: Nick Lyon

Wrapping up Committed's spotlighting of the creative talent behind Zombie Apocalypse, premiering Saturday night at 9pm on SyFy, we turn lastly to the man who brought these wonderful acting and writing talents together, along with dozens of other elements: director Nick Lyon.

Originally from the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon (where I currently reside), Lyon moved to Germany and furthered his film studies. To date he has directed six feature films: I Love You, Baby with Oscar-winner Maximillian Schell, the award-winning indie drama Punk Love, and five TV events - Grendel, Annihilation Earth, Species: The Awakening, Bermuda Triangle Northsea and now Zombie Apocalypse. 

Of these, I've only seen Species: The Awakening, and though a few beers in at that point, I remember liking it. Regardless of my imbibing approval, the bottom line is that this film is in a pair of very experienced hands with a good feel for the genre and a solid track record. 

Find out for yourself Saturday night, 9 o'clock, SyFy, when Zombie Apocalypse makes its world premiere. And if you're on the West Coast, don't forget to stop by for my live blog event: just me, a TV, theme food and real-time. Should be at the least interesting.  

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