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Hey L.A. Area: A Haunting in Salem Gets a 3D Screening!

Awesome news here if you live in Southern California or plan on being there this weekend: A Haunting in Salem (written by me, directed by Shane Van Dyke) is getting its FIRST EVER SCREENING, and they're showing it in 3D!!!

Courtesy of Shannon Benna, the film's stereographer, and the fine, permissive folks at The Asylum, this horror spectacular launches onto the big screen THIS SUNDAY NIGHT at 7pm at the Downtown Independent Theater, thanks to the Stereo Club of Southern CA (SCSC). There will be a Q&A session featuring Shannon and anyone else she can round up, but the most important thing to recognize here is the FIRST EVER SCREENING - IN 3D!!! - OF A HAUNTING IN SALEM!!!

So get off your couch, cancel your other plans and see this Asylum-classic in a way it should always be seen - in giant-size 3D!!! And if you do go, snap some pix and email them to me; I'm stuck way up here in rainy Oregon and won't be in attendance.

Thanks again to Shannon Benna, the SCSC and of course The Asylum for setting this up!!!

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