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inmate profile(s): Craig Engler & Brooks Peck

With only days before the world television premiere of the latest Asylum production, Zombie Apocalypse, Committed has been taking a look at the talent behind this neo-horror classic-in-waiting; already this week I've featured actors Ving Rhames and Taryn Manning. Now we go behind the camera, to the page, in fact, with a look at writers Craig Engler and Brooks Peck.

Mr. Engler has an extensive bio over at his blog-to-be, the long and short of which is back in the late 90's he started a Sci-Fi web 'zine that the Sci Fi Channel first licensed content from then purchased, putting him in charge of their online presence. Today he is the Senior Vice President and General manager of SyFy Digital. So if you follow SyFy on Twitter - which you totally should, it's a lifeline to everything about TV's coolest channel - you're following this guy. Basically, the dude knows SyFy movies better than most people on the planet, so of course you can count of Zombie Apocalypse hitting every note just right. 

But Mr. Engler isn't alone in this endeavor, his co-writer, Brooks Peck also helped forge this horrific, splendid nightmare of a film. And apparently the two work well together, because they have also penned a film I'm instantly dying to see, Rage of the Yeti, with 3 Musketeers' and Born Bad's David Chokachi. I couldn't find as much info online about Mr. Peck, but guaranteed the guy knows his creature features. SyFy doesn't hire chumps.

Find out for yourself just how awesome a plot these two wordsmiths have concocted THIS SATURDAY NIGHT @ 9PM when Zombie Apocalypse gets its world premiere on SyFy.

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