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inmate profile: Alan Rachins

As is customary with Asylum films, typically there's a veteran of stage and screen slipped into the cast: in Mega Piranha it was Barry Williams, in Moby Dick  it was Barry Bostwick, in Almighty Thor it was Richard Grieco; in 3 Musketeers, the next release from The Asylum - on DVD October 25th - it's Alan Rachins, an actor with more than 50 roles to his credit.

Rachins began acting in the mid-70's with guest spots here and there on various television shows of the day, including "The White Shadow," "Barnaby Jones" and "Dallas." It wasn't until 1986, however, that Rachins got his big break when he was cast as Douglas Brackman Jr. on the landmark legal series "L.A. Law," where he worked steady for 171 episodes.

When "L.A. Law" ended in 1994, Rachins continued to work steady in television, as well as branching out into film work in movies like Showgirls, Meet Wally Sparks and Leave it to Beaver, before striking TV gold again with his role as Dharma's father on "Dharma & Greg," a gig he held for 119 episodes, meaning the dude rode two series into syndication.

So what exactly does Alan Rachins mean to 3 Musketeers? It means that cast - besides being outfitted with young, fresh, hungry and enthusiastic actors - will be anchored by the venerability Rachins brings to his work. Be he a vicious an uptight lawyer or the complete opposite, a disconnected, weed-growing pacifist, Rachins imbues his characters with a palpable intensity that comes through the screen and strikes a memorable nerve in the audience. Short speak? Dude's gonna nail it. 

Find out for yourself on October 25th when The Asylum's 3 Musketeers explodes on DVD.

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