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inmate profile: Ving Rhames

With the world premiere of Zombie Apocalypse THIS SATURDAY NIGHT ON SYFY @ 9PM, there isn't a lot of time to spotlight the various talent behind this soon-to-be genre classic, so let us make haste and dive right in with the man himself, the star of Zombie Apocalypse and - with all due respect to everyone else, you guys all know I'm a fan - the single biggest star to grace an Asylum flick to date: Ving Rhames.

I don't have to tell you who Ving Rhames is, you know who Ving Rhames is, and if you don't know who Ving Rhames is, it's time to leave the pack of wolves that raised you and step into the real world. Ving Rhames is a veteran actor with a wide range of roles in more than 100 projects over the last 25 years, including Michael Mann's "Crime Story" and "Miami Vice," Paul Schrader's Patty Hearst and Brian DePalma's Casualties of War, Adrian Lyne's Jacob's Ladder, David Mamet's Homicide, Wes Craven's People Under The Stairs, his star-making turn as "Marcellus Wallace" in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, a recurring role in four Mission Impossible movies as "Luther," turns in Striptease, "ER," Rosewood, Con Air, Out of Sight, Entrapment, Bringing Out the Dead, Undisputed, Dawn of the Dead, "Kojak," Day of the Dead, and as "Deputy Fallon" in Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD and Shark Night 3D. 

But what I remember most fondly about Ving Rhames is both his Golden-Globe winning performance as legendary boxing promoter Don King in the HBO Original Movie "Don King: Only in America," and his acceptance of said Golden Globe: he instead gave it to Hollywood legend Jack Lemmon, who had been nominated in the same category for his turn in the William Friedkin take on 12 Angry Men. That was the single classiest moment of entertainment history I ever personally witnessed - via television, of course - and as Jack Lemmon was and is a personal favorite of mine, one of the most touching moments, as well*. Ving Rhames: helluva actor, helluva guy.

In Zombie Apocalypse Ving plays "Henry," and while there isn't much known about his character, from the pictures you can pretty much tell he's playing the Badass. Find out for yourself when you and every single person you know tunes in to SyFy this Saturday Night, October 29th at 9pm for the world premiere of the latest Asylum masterpiece, Zombie Apocalypse.

*it also set up one of the funniest moments in Golden Globe history: the next year, when Jack Lemmon actually won the award in the same category for "Tuesdays With Morrie," the first thing he said upon taking the stage was (paraphrasing), "In the spirit of Ving Rhames, I'd like to give this award to Jack Lemmon."

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